For all the pleasures

Wherever the wind comes from...
there is always a sheltered beach for you

From the very small cove accessible only by sea to the vast sandy area with parking and bistros nearby, you will find all kinds of beaches on the Crozon peninsula.
Along our 120km coastline there are multiple shores and small pebble beaches, but all the beaches listed below are beautiful fine sand beaches, ideal for sandcastles and sunbathing!

Trez Rouz Beach

Superbe place de Trez Rouz à 800 mètres du Penty
Magnificent sandy beach on the Atlantic coast, unsupervised swimming authorized.
Length 330m.
In summer, the Le Boucanier food truck offers you its homemade cuisine a few dozen meters above the beach.

La Palue Beach

Large beach next to Lostmarc'h beach, a popular spot for certain water sports, facing the West and the Tas de Pois. No swimming.

Pen Had Beach

Plage de Pen Hat

Facing west, Pen Had beach, the wildest in Camaret, is the unmissable place for lovers of space and sea spray, with its gentle slopes dotted with dunes and a breathtaking view of Lion Rock and the tip of Toulinguet.

Be careful, swimming is prohibited (presence of baïnes and strong currents).

Virgin Island

With its Mediterranean beach feel and maritime pines, the wild cove of the virgin island is THE UNUSUAL PLACE THAT WILL SURPRISE YOU in Brittany. By boat, by kayak, on foot along the GR34, or by fins/mask/snorkel, come and discover this jewel of nature from all its angles... upon arrival, the reward is great!Please note, given the repeated passages and the risk of landslides, pedestrian access to the beach is strictly prohibited., to be appreciated from the path therefore????

Kerloc'h beach

Located along the departmental road, the Kerloc'h beach on the Crozon peninsula is the most easily accessible beach in theDinan cove. The beach is mainly used by swimmers at low tide and in calm seas (when the sea is rough it is more surfers who come to this beach). Very pleasant beach.

Lostmac'h beach

Large beach facing west exposed to winds and sea spray, overlooked by the Lostmarc'h menhir and the barred spur, an old fortification.
Be careful, swimming is prohibited.

Kersiguénou beach

Plage de Kersiguénou

800 meters long, Kersiguénou beach is located between the beaches of Kerloc'h and Goulien, which merge at low tide.SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Kador Beach

Small fine sand beach in the bay of Douarnenez, bordered by a rocky spur and an arch. In good weather, you can see the Menez-Hom opposite.SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Aber Beach

Plage de l'Aber

Atypical beach located in the bay of Douarnenez, including an islet accessible on foot at low tide (pay attention to tide times). Family beach 1250m long, facing south.

Portzik Beach

Plage du Portzik

Located in the town of Morgat, Portzic beach, protected from the wind, extends its fine sand over 400m into the bay of Douarnenez.SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Goulien Beach

Plage de Goulien
Magnificent sandy beach on the Atlantic coast for surfing. At low tide, it joins the beaches of Kersiguénou and Kerloc'h.Unsupervised swimming permitted.
Length 900m.

Morgat beach

Plage de Morgat
Morgat beach is a beautiful fine sand beach, which extends for more than a kilometer.
Ideal for families, it is the starting point for many activities (kayak, paddle, canoe, surfing, long-coast trips and much more...).

The beach is suitable for people with reduced mobility thanks to its access ramp. Tiralos are made available by the municipality and the port team to facilitate swimming.

Corréjou Beach

Plage du Corréjou

At the entrance to the Sillon de Camaret and a stone's throw from the port, Corréjou beach is the ideal place to relax while observing the boats at the entrance to the bay. Family beach, it is also at low tidethe unmissable meeting place for fishing enthusiasts.

Veyriac'h beach

Plage du Veryac'h Camaret-sur-Mer
A stone's throw from Pointe de Pen-Hir, a superb and spacious sandy beach facing south, sheltered from the prevailing winds. During high tides, at low tide, it joins Lamzoz beach, its smaller neighbor.
Unsupervised swimming permitted.

Trez Bellec Beach

Plage de Trez Bellec

Beautiful family beach in the bay of Douarnenez, sheltered from the currents and offering various activities such as sand yachting.SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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