On the GR34

120 km of coastal path to enjoy exceptional panoramas

Le chemin de randonnée GR34

To discover the Crozon peninsula, one of the best ways is to tour it on foot (reminder: the coastal path is prohibited for motorcycles and bicycles).

Allow around 120 km on the 24 km coastal path to complete the loop of this magnificent hike to do with the family.

The landscape is constantly changing, and, from coves to cliffs, we guarantee you a wonder that you will remember for a long time...

Distances in kilometers and average times

  1. Landévennec – Lanvéoc: 19 km, 5 hours
  2. Lanvéoc – Le Fret: 4 km, 1 hour
  3. Le Fret – Camaret: 10 km, 2h30 (direct, without passing through the Roscanvel peninsula)
  4. Tour of the Roscanvel peninsula: 17 km, 3 hours
  5. Camaret – Pointe de Dinan: 17 km, 4h30
  6. Pointe de Dinan – Cap de la Chèvre: 10 km, 3h15
  7. Cap de la Chèvre – Morgat: 10.5 km, 3h30
  8. Morgat – L’Aber: 8 km, 2 h
  9. L’Aber – Pentrez: 14 km, 3h30

If you close the loop by going back to Landévennec via the GR 37 (which passes by the Menez Hom peaking at 330 m – magnificent view – and by the Térénez bridge), allow around thirty km.

Stopovers, supplies and shops

Landévennec: a creperie (in season only); a municipal grocery store, open in the morning all year round, and all day in summer.
Lanvéoc: all businesses all year round
The freight: tobacco bar, hotel-restaurant and grocery store all year round; restaurants and creperies in season
Roscanvel: bar-tobacco-food all year round; snack bar-creperie in season
Camaret: all businesses all year round
Saint-Hernot(1.2 km from the GR 34 to the west, 1.6 km from the GR 34 to the east): bar-restaurant all year round
Morgat: all businesses all year round, showers at the port (show up during opening hours of the port office)
Crozon(about 1.5 km from the trail, and it goes up!): all shops all year round
Tal ar Groas(approx. 2.5 km from the coast): bar, bakery, supermarket, restaurant all year round
Telgruc(approx. 2.2 km from the coast): all shops all year round

Water supply: if you do the trail out of season, plan your water reserve for the southern tip (Dinan – Cap de la Chèvre – Morgat): you will have few possibilities to fill your bottle, there is no big world…

Trace: the path is well marked, and dangerous areas (cliff landslides) are monitored throughout the year: signs indicate (small) route diversions; respect them, they are not there for nothing! (especially since the storms of winter 2013/2014)

The path follows the coastline, except before arriving at Lanvéoc where it bypasses the naval air base, and just after Le Fret where it avoids Ile-Longue, which is military land.

Relief: Prepare your calves! Very often you will go down to the water level and then go back up immediately, particularly along the southern tip of the peninsula (from the tip of Dinan to Morgat).

Roscanvel peninsula (northern tip of the peninsula): the GR has recently opened there; the west coast, which forms the Brest Goulet, is being secured: there are many forts and military constructions which can be dangerous if you stray from the paths. Be careful !

The other treasures of the Crozon Peninsula

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